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Dihua International Development Company Limited, One-Stop-Shop Service Center for Everything You Need

In 2008, Dihua International Development Company Limited entered the Yiwu International Trade Mart, with over 400 square meters ()of professional booth area and procurement service center. We are currently one of the largest and most experienced small commodities and export service representative agents in the Ningbo and Yiwu region, and are appointed as the export and buying agent of many of our customers, responsible for procurement of various commodities: daily necessities,bathroom and kitchen items,toys, arts and crafts,jewelry,stationary,electronics,hardware,umbrellas,luggage and suitcases,etc.. Our long term, enduring and faithful management principle and professionalism have won the trust and confidence of both our customers and suppliers. Challenge us and let us earn your trust with our professionalism and knowledge in the field. Currently we are cooperating in close relationships with over 8,000 manufacturers, and are representative sales agent for over 50,000 kinds of quality products. We are your most trustworthy and reliable partner in Yiwu.

What can we do for you?

Quotation Collection & Information Organization
With over 8,000 long term factory partners, providing a variety of quality products, connecting to you an even more convenient and faster channel for sourcing.

Buying Agent
Become your Yiwu office, saving your expenditures and fees. Follow up on your orders all the way.

Quality Check and Quality Control
After selecting the quality supplier through standardized evaluation process and testing their products in our in-house laboratory, we also conduct quality checks on their products with our 10 person inspection team to ensure that customers will be shipped qualified products with excellent quality.

Container Loading & Logistics
We have a large warehouse of 4,000 square meters (). We can load and unload and consolidate your goods; handle the customs clearance and documentation; arrange consolidation of your goods from Yiwu with your purchase order in Shantou.

Establishing Brand Image
Our professional design team assists customers with product packaging design, following up on customer’s private label product series and various product package designs that are suitable for all retail channels.

How we work in Yiwu?

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